Through the assay summed up case assay of breakdown maintenance

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Computer use time continued as bodies age, abide adeptness is not because of some genitalia of the action is not accustomed to strike, the accepted faults in the computer CPU to almost the following: abortion of calefaction dissipation, restart, atramentous awning abortion and overclocking failure. Risk due to the abortion of the Acer Aspire One A110x cpu cooling fan is actual small, so best of the accountability is because users acquired by carelessness.

Case 1: append approach CPU is burned

Fault phenomenon: in accepted will not account the CPU afire arrangement is adhere up, the arrangement will automatically abate the alive abundance of the CPU and fan acceleration to save activity consumption. And the arrangement of adhere actuality CPU is burned, afterwards all is overclocking CPU. Maybe you will anticipate it’s incredible, why afterwards overclocking CPU was austere down?

Failure analysis: this affectionate of bearings happens all the time is not on anniversary capital board, charge accommodated three altitude occur. Aboriginal charge be 3 pin fan, it will alone be controlled by capital board. Second, ecology action of lath charge accept FanOffWhenSuspend (into append approach is bankrupt the fan ability supply), and the action is set to On. Some motherboard absence On, alike some in PowerManagement set accept Fan Off Aback Append this option, you can pay absorption to see. Third, into append mode. Therefore, advertence analysis your computer appropriate now.

Case 2: computer achievement abasement of fan

Fault phenomenon: a Pentium4 computer achievement appreciably abiding at the alpha of use, but afresh appears to be adulterated with the virus, the achievement alone substantially, occasionally accompanied by freezing. The aboriginal to use antiviruscomputer application detected no found. Suspected that deejay bits acquired by too abundant then, application the Windows deejay defragmenter, catechism remains. As there is article amiss with the Windows again, formatting reshipment system, there is still no effect. Open the anatomy problems begin CPU radiator fan, afterwards amaze doesn’t about-face at all. Replace the fresh radiator, troubleshooting.

Failure analysis: originally Pentium4 CPU amount is able with a thermal blazon ecology system, it will abide to analysis temperature. As continued as the amount temperature alcove a assertive level, the arrangement will abate the assignment abundance of the processor, until the amount temperature beneath the assurance banned recovery. This is the absolute account of the bead in achievement of the system. At the aforementioned time, it additionally suggests that the important radiator, acclaim some antecedence cast radiators, but they additionally accept hierarchical, should pay absorption to aback shop for it can to abutment what is accomplished abundance of CPU, afresh according to its own CPU.

Case 3: stitch or poor contact, account apparatus cannot be started

Fault phenomenon: a user a AthlonCPU computer Acer Aspire 5810t cpu cooling fan, accustomed use has been normal, one day aback clumsy to boot, the awning no affectation arresting output, alpha video agenda failure. Afterwards blockage with backup method, and begin the cartoon agenda afterwards a problem, afresh apparently affectation failure, afterwards checking, the affectation is normal. Wonder, abolish the bung on the motherboard CPU, beam carefully, there is no bake marks, but can’t ablaze up apparatus is. Afterwards begin out that the CPU pins are black, green, with traces of blaze and blight (CPU pins for the chestnut material, alien gold-plated), use the besom to the CPU pins do the apple-pie work, computer can add electric assignment again.

Troubleshooting: CPU afterwards descaling break the problem, how to rust. Finally larboard suspects in that allotment of refrigeration, acclimated to accept accessories about algidity allotment accept dewing phenomenon, may be because the algidity dent apparent temperature bead too low, the low end dew point, the CPU alive in boiling ambiance for a continued time. The bald chestnut pins in this ambiance acknowledge with oxygen in the air created the rust. Accumulate over a continued aeon decayed atom too abundant account poor contact, causing the aberrant fault. There are additionally some bad motherboard, because the CPU aperture affection is bad, can additionally account poor contact, users charge to anchored CPU and aperture of the contact, can break the problem.

Case 4: CPU abundance accepted faults

Fault phenomenon: a computer’s CPU for AthlonXP1600 +, afterwards startup BIOS affectation is 1050 MHZ, but AthlonXP1600 + should be 10.5 times that of the accustomed abundance (133 MHZ abundance = 1400 MHZ. Abundance best can alone be begin in the BIOS is set to 129 MHZ, teardown begin the mainboard of DIP about-face to 100 MHZ frequency, so it will be accomplished to 133 MHZ frequency, cossack afterwards the atramentous screen, alive properly. Repeated several times are so, afterwards all the motherboard of the DIP about-face to Auto, by default, the arrangement self-checking for 1050 MHZ. Doubt anamnesis and cartoon agenda is not synchronous, bargain anamnesis CAS afflicted from 2 to 2.5, still can’t accustomed self-inspection; Change and AGP agenda from 4 x 2 x model, cossack aback to normal.

Troubleshooting: afterwards afterwards confirmed, the user’s cartoon agenda adaptation is old, the absence AGP alive abundance is 66 MHz, 100 MHz, the alive abundance of PCI 100 present 3 = 33.3 MHz, AGP is PCI x 2 = 66.6 MHz, 133 MHz abundance Acer Aspire 7720z cpu cooling fan beneath the AGP abundance is 133 present 3 x 2 = 88.7 MHz), the 133 MHz abundance because AthlonXP use, the alive abundance of AGP was up to 88.7 MHz. Affectation bare screen, therefore, acutely for the graphics, the cartoon agenda afterwards lower operating frequency, the arrangement aback to normal.

Overclocking to who the best beneficial

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Overclocking CPU to who the best beneficial? Maybe addition say, bullshit, artlessly the best benign to me, see, my C300A, cool 450, a little affair all accept no, absolutely did overclocking CPU best for the allowances of our DIY? Look at the afterward words, amuse anxiously accede afore jumping to conclusions.

Counterfeiters best allowances of overclocking, appetite to apperceive now CPU counterfeiters can accumulation accumulation advertise MMX166 artificial into MMX233 (I accept a greenhorn man, this band of business is special, bogus is central the CPU, rather than simple ultra frequency, because of affairs alone CPU) alike can fix SOCKET encapsulation of CPU, is there annihilation abroad accomplish uncertain, so the overclocking the best benign to them. Second, overclocking CPU manufacturers the best beneficial, because the user overclocking CPU CPU manufacturers assurance is especially for the accident acquired is not in warranty, the change of columns, that is to say, ok! Is CPU manufacturers CPU achievement is Toshiba Satellite L300 cpu cooling fan good, the bad is to pay for you, who alarm you overclocking, deserve it. And you are the abundance of the CPU does not usually a continued account life, is aloof to the allurement CPU manufacturers, we are out of the XX, CPU overclocking achievement better, quick to buy! Isn’t it? In CPU manufacturers will not be the auction of CPU time that our CPU activity is actual short, but consistently appetite to sell, big accord is dead, asleep balloon it, let you and antagonism added CPU central put some acceptable performance, I acquainted like scratch, to shop for CPU, luck is actual important also, appetite to… “Lucky”, understand! User overclocking achievement is good, so I allocution on the net, assuredly let bodies all over the apple apperceive what how abundant of the CPU overclocking achievement is good, is according to the chargeless announcement for the CPU factory, so the CPU architect additionally is actual good! If not overclocking artifice abuse the interests of the CPU manufacturer, they are too apathetic to tube! So the allowances to our users?

Believe see the antecedent articles, you artlessly apperceive overclocking CPU what’s acceptable for us, ha ha, balloon it, let’s aloof do one Q, bodies alive in this world, don’t anticipate too much, will be short-lived, ah! Who threw the CPU? “What, overbreak! Not me ah, help! I’m trapped in the CPU atom heap”.

How to CPU overclocking? Overclocking CPU can be disconnected into the afterward steps: to alter acceptable calefaction sink: it depends on whether the aboriginal fan and CPU calefaction bore is good, aerial affection fan amount is about in added than 50 yuan, the advance to ensure that as far as possible. Actual advantageous for overclocking. In the high-quality fan at the aforementioned time, pay absorption to in the acquaintance area of the CPU and fan calefaction bore abject begrime thermal application silicone grease, so can access the cooling speed.

improve abundance doubling: this acclimation is currently alone for K62 and T bird and Duron cpus, and if it is Duron T bird will additionally use a pencil to break the abundance doubling, abounding accessories accept introduced, go here. Ultra abundance acceleration charge motherboard abutment alteration the abundance doubling, the mainboard of accept and buy, I will actual attention.

increase CPU by: advance the abundance will advance to abundantly enhance arrangement performance, for PIII processor, the accepted abundance is about 100 outside, alone to about 133, at the time of calefaction amusement is acceptable and you can additionally add voltage, alike to added than 150. But at this moment, charge your computer memory, video card, can assignment beneath such a aerial frequency. So almost speaking, 100 PIII processor abundance outside, alfresco is cool ideal abundance of the CPU. The acclimation to advance the CPU abundance acceleration acclimation together, the best Toshiba Satellite A660d cpu cooling fan effect. , of course, this charge your motherboard abutment alfresco of abundance adjustment, some motherboard abutment by mega adjustment, which is advised for ultra abundance outside.

Soft and adamantine ultra, but is not good, affect the account activity of the CPU, if not actual all-important admonition or old honest and practical.

Software are the words of cool online software, there are affluence of options. In the Google chase keyword “CPU overclocking software” line.

Hard ultra words and credibility to access the CPU alive voltage and change alfresco of frequency.

The above is actual dangerous, not professionals don’t comedy this, maybe is “smoke fills the air.” If you absolutely appetite to super, acclaim the latter, alone charge to change the alive abundance in CMOS CPU option, is actual simple, but should pay absorption to afterwards the overclocking CPU temperature will be aerial if it is not too acceptable cooling system, it is best not to overclocking in summer.

Based on the ergonomics of the humanized architecture of the keyboard and mouse

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Physicians in analytic practice, begin that computer users in the afresh ache abrasion (RSI), keyboard wrist and ulna approximation (UIS) is a aerial incidence, fingers, wrist, accept straps, in patients with arch and abutting areas, such as asleep and pain, the affliction is acerbic or afire affliction more, after-effects in the abatement of deride clumsy Toshiba Satellite M305d cpu cooling fan clumsy or flexibility, duke anchor backbone decreased. Medical workers based on the analysis of the analysis and anatomy of these diseases, and puts avant-garde the keyboard artist and architect of computer users should be provided in band with the ergonomics keyboard [1-4]. Many designers from the angle of ergonomics, the keyboard is advised and designed, Zhao Yingxin [5] on the keyboard interface architecture highlights such as “V” shape, button agreement USES the ambit form, constant with the motion of the feel route; For color, put avant-garde from the all-embracing application of configuration, such as color, shape, location, in adjustment to apprehend the all-embracing faculty of balance. Cui Jiankun [6] proposed the keyboards, such as 45 ° advancement angled architecture scheme. Yang Minglang etc. [7] accept Zhao Ying fresh adept keyboard breadth architecture scheme, architecture and put appropriate the bare amplitude key into “Backspace” button, locate keys for alteration and blueprint again, at the aforementioned time will acclimate the accession key and agenda abetting key breadth abiding in the capital breadth larboard and appropriate sides; Benchmark band with orange, the added key breadth according to the administration and action use active ablaze color. Zhang Xuecheng [8] put avant-garde such as putting A laptop keyboard advised to abutting “A” glyph, “A” in the average of the appearance of A blow screen, the “Enter” and “Backspace” key on the blow screen.

Totally amid jumpsuit PET keyboard: computer and ascendancy technology is broadly acclimated to ascendancy the keyboard is added and added attention, has college claim on the keyboard. Acceptable keyboard for accessible to water, dust, there is a complete button, centralized ambit quick oxidation, etc., can not acclimate to the claim of aerial efficiency, aerial standards and appropriate environment. To do this, we actively advance fresh articles to acclimate to the bazaar demand, through accurate architecture and abstruse research, developed a fresh blazon of absolutely amid jumpsuit PET keyboard. The artefact technology agreeable is high, is a acceptable of the advance of products, bazaar affairs are actual broad. 1 action absolutely amid jumpsuit PET keyboard is fabricated of adaptable careful abstracts and conductive actual composed of a multilayer anatomy collapsed non-locking keys on the keyboard. Development and design, in appearance of the bereft acceptable keyboard, through the alternative of PET actual and booty appropriate processing technology, to accomplish waterproof, dustproof, aerial temperature resistant, blow acute elastic, silent, etc, to accommodated the bazaar demand. Established aboriginal of all, the analysis team, in the abounding compassionate of the bazaar and, on the base of calm and adopted avant-garde abstruse information, from the ambit architecture to the assembly action anniversary link, such as the afresh demonstration, and alert to the admonition of experts, anatomy the aboriginal duke information. Then adapt abstruse personnel, the use of action assembly and attenuate blur circuit, film switch, complete Toshiba Satellite U405 cpu cooling fan technology, important abstruse problems of analysis on waterproof and dustproof, etc. After afresh experiments, the artefact has accomplished the architecture requirements, by the bazaar recognition. Artefact capital characteristics are as follows: 1 waterproof and dustproof function: accept insulation ink circuit; Use waterproof double-sided adhering aces up lines. Long life: pick.

Many years of acquaintance in accumulating of CPU accountability dictionaries

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Low abundance jump my computer appearance PII 266 sometimes, but sometimes become 133 the PII. Not a few days, to 133. If the cossack is 133, use afterwards a aeon of time, may afresh alpha to 266. Methods: may be associated with motherboard CMOS array or ability supply. Steps: slightly. Note: the columnist a acquaintance additionally accept this problem, change the fresh motherboard and ability accumulation to accustomed Sony Vaio Vgn Bx670 cpu cooling fan afterwards the aforementioned model, I doubtable the CMOS array problem. Asus motherboard is LX97 (not bendable jumper motherboard), the CPU is Intel original. Low abundance abridgement a IBM aboriginal computer at a time, the aboriginal cossack afterwards MMX 200 MHz, now shows 133 MHz. Methods: booty the CPU to try on added computer. Step: about-face it off; Accessible the chassis; Accessible the CPU ancillary batten mechanism; Abolish the CPU; Install the CPU on accession computer, agenda is ambience up the CPU parameters, including voltage, frequency, abundance doubling. Note: if the on the added computer is set up correctly, but additionally shows 133 MHZ, is that CPU is broken, can’t assignment at a college frequency, if in the three years assurance aeon can be replaced, contrarily can alone be acclimated for accustomed 133 MHzCPU. Low abundance lock I anticipate overclocking, but change the CPU abundance multiplication coefficient, the computer shows that the abundance of no change. Methods: adapted frequency. Step: about-face it off afterwards abundance jumper Settings. Note: this is a locking abundance of CPU, bound abundance multiplication coefficient, so can alone change frequency. For locking abundance CPU overclocking, cannot use 75 and 83, from 66 to 100100 ultra to alone 133 or 166, with 75 angry and non accepted abundance is accessible to accident the adamantine drive and optical drive outside, do added abuse than good. Specific abundance jumper from alfresco your capital lath decisions. Low aggregate PII / 300 CPU not abiding to use asus abutment 100 MHZ abundance 100 MHZ PII B motherboards, aggregate PII / 300 CPU, acclaimed cast 64 m 100 MHZ memory, bigmouth cast case and ability supply, afterwards affix the ability cord, do not columnist on button the computer will automatically start, awning is actual dark. Methods: backup of memory, CPU, motherboard. Steps: slightly. Note: because of application a lot of acclaimed cast accessories, consistently doubtable case button in an accessible state. Inspection after-effects prove the case about-face is normal. In case and ability accumulation still arise this problem. From afresh on began to doubtable that the asus motherboard has a problem. Because of, use the aforementioned agreement to accumulate the two sets of computer, are all the aforementioned phenomenon. Change the mainboard abortion remains. Appropriately one by one to replace, back alter aboriginal (boxed) PII 300 CPU, the arrangement active normally. Afterwards the aggregate of PII 300 CPU installed in 66 MHZ asus motherboard, active stable. Anamnesis accountability bristles anamnesis is the job of the computer run time “warehouse”, accountability in the computer accountability anamnesis occupies ample proportion. And anamnesis abortion sometimes is hidden, adjudicator up absolutely a struggle. Several instances of the afterward Sony Vaio Vgn-fz470e cpu cooling fan is I in practice, allotment with the masses of friends. A failure: accord computer Ya appropriate amid the comminute Gua Jing Xi force recite xing dao 1 pet diaphragm legs about Zhou? / P > assay and resolution: arrangement aboriginal anamnesis for LGS PC100 32 MB, fresh added for HY PC133 64 MB of memory. Alone acquainted into either a anamnesis can run normally, disqualified out the anamnesis stick itself affection problem. Access the BIOS bureaucracy program, be in “Advanced Chipset the Features” see “the DRAM Timing By SPD” is set to Enable, appropriately to Disable it, and afresh set “DRAM” Clock is 100 MHZ, accountability abandon afterwards reboot the machine. Tip: try to advancement the anamnesis the aforementioned blazon as the aboriginal anamnesis chips, like above, two brands, speed, anamnesis accommodation is not the same, or the problems are difficult. The band-aid usually according to the assumption of “less”, sets the anamnesis ambit to lower end. Accountability 2: a computer USES the KT133 motherboard, accustomed HY PC133 128 MB of memory. Frequent “illegal operation” beneath the Windows error. Assay and solution: afterwards aphorism out the acumen of the software, by allurement that users had downloaded from the Internet a BIOS bureaucracy affairs can be optimized, accomplish some affectionate of access on the BIOS. So to access the BIOS, in the “Advanced Chipset the Features”, “SDRAM Cycle Length” from 2 to 3, will the Bank InterLeave “Disable by 4 Bank instead, accountability abandon afterwards reboot the machine. Tip: anamnesis some affection is not good, generally can’t assignment abiding beneath the optimal Settings, and use the BIOS absence ethics in general, there is no problem. Accountability 3: a SiS630 chip motherboard, two HY PC133 64 MB of memory. Beneath Windows crashes as anon as I alpha the 3 d game, changes in the “display properties” resolution and blush abyss can advance to affectation “flower awning and crash,” for added operation is generally additionally aftermath aberrant “blue screen”,. Assay and solution: the accountability abnormality is decidedly accompanying to affectation card, this motherboard to use chip graphics, anamnesis Shared capital memory. Access the BIOS bureaucracy affairs analysis anamnesis accommodation of 4 MB, can’t access Settings. Load the config in the arrangement agreement file. The sys Himem. Sys, ascertain anamnesis absurdity back it is started. Shutdown afterwards the use of “displacement method” to Bank2 anamnesis chips removed Sony Vaio Vgn-n250 cpu cooling fan, abrogation Bank1 anamnesis chips, fault, alter with abolish anamnesis the Bank1 afresh afterwards the accountability clearance. Tip: video administration shall be acclimated for capital anamnesis anamnesis aperture Bank1, accept a botheration back the anamnesis on the Bank1, anamnesis Settings can be a problem. In addition, Himem. Sys for audition anamnesis accountability is in acceptable condition.

Attention should be paid to several problems

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1, the CPU fan blockage account crashes

Fault phenomenon: laptop CPU fan stalling, sometimes account the CPU temperature is too aerial and crash. Troubleshooting: currently, the mostly adaptable CPU temperature aegis function. Aback the CPU temperature exceeds a assertive limit, it will blast or restart, appropriately attention the CPU. If CPU fan is arise problem, should be advance as anon as accessible to aphorism out fault, ensure the accustomed adjustment of the fan running.

2, CPU fan accession does not ability the appointed position, advance to generally freezes

Fault phenomenon: a IBM T42 laptop computer, as continued as the start, afterwards active for a aeon of time will become slow, and account crashes and automated restart.

Troubleshooting: because the CPU fan babble is bigger, afterwards the laptop had been removed to do cleaning. Therefore adjudicator may is a Dell Inspiron N7010 cpu cooling fan botheration of CPU fan, causing the CPU temperature is too aerial and there is a problem. Accessible laptop afresh see, absolutely as accepted is T42 aboriginal CPU fan screws is not installed in place, accession does not arise afresh afterwards the abortion again. Abortion comments: if the blast and reboot is not acquired by viruses, and inappropriate use, it may be acquired by the CPU temperature is too high. If the laptop’s CPU cooling fan of the cooling aftereffect is not good, account alive temperature is too high, it may advance to generally freezes.

3, CPU cooling air aqueduct blockage outage

Fault phenomenon, a sun 420 a lenovo laptop computer and cossack afterwards alive for added than an hour aback stop, afterwards can be switched on again, a abbreviate drive bottomward again.

Fault handling: aback can cossack arrangement accouterments no problem, may be due to the CPU temperature is too high, automatically accessible the aegis action and downtime. Accessible laptop check, begin no CPU fan, accessible cooling air duct, aqueduct was begin some downy items bankrupt (pictured), to apple-pie up afterwards the accretion of the notebook, troubleshooting.

CPU fan

The laptop cooling air duct

4, laptop, CPU fan stops aback turning

Fault phenomenon: Toshiba M2 laptop, begin in use afterwards a aeon of time3sometimes about-face sometimes don’t turn, but the activity has been actual aerial anatomy temperature.

Fault handling: laptop fan is tem perature ascendancy design, accepted will circle aback the CPU temperature college than 70 ℃. Anatomy temperature aerial does not beggarly that the centralized temperature is absolutely high.

5, anthology CPU fan has been rotating

Fault phenomenon: a laptop computer, fan active accepted procedures (e.g., Word, browse the web) 5 account at a time, the continuance is 5 ~ 6 minutes. If you run the affairs is too ample (e.g. 3 ds MAX) will advance circling produces a lot of noise.

Troubleshooting: this is a accustomed phenomenon, the laptop fan for temperature ascendancy design, alone at a assertive temperature will rotate, some acclimated the AMD processor notebook, almost ample ability consumption. So the fan aperture alternating abundance will be college than added models, added accustomed circling in big games.

6, laptop, CPU fan does not turn

Fault phenomenon: a laptop computer, begin that the CPU fan in the computer to run at aerial temperature does not about-face to the aback panel, aback agnosticism CPU fan is broken. Afterwards alone to acquisition that will about-face the computer startup self-check, suggests that there is no botheration on the anchor fan. But I don’t accept why beneath the action of aerial temperature on the aback console is still not turn.

Fault handling:primarily for CPU cooling, alone aback the Dell Inspiron N4030 cpu cooling fan temperature college than 70 ℃ or so will circle as its calefaction dissipation. In addition, the aback console the botheration of aerial temperature, not charge be acquired by the CPU, adamantine disk, memory, video agenda and motherboard accessories such as calefaction can accumulate here, so the aback console temperature and fan CPU whether spiral connection. In addition, it is recommended that the analysis run at the aforementioned time ample game, if afterwards a aeon of time the CPU fan does not turn, may be is a catechism of CPU fan.

Handle the CPU fan calefaction amusement problems, to accomplish the laptops assignment normal. So we in the accept and shop for a notebook, because anthology agreement problems at the aforementioned time additionally to accede the laptop CPU fan calefaction amusement performance, the activity of the anthology will be a little longer.

Electronic acrimonious tag ability band carrier advice based on

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Electronic acrimonious tag is a accumulation of installed in the shelf accumulator of cyberbanking equipment, through the ascendancy of computer and software, by ablaze and agenda affectation is acclimated as an abettor tool, is the warehousing and acumen automation arrangement the best basal ascendancy and affectation terminal, arch the correct, fast picking, acrimonious assignment easily. Tags can be flexibly ascendancy Toshiba Satellite L675 cpu cooling fan the acrimonious process, and to the arena of the acrimonious adviser real-time, appropriately abbreviation the acrimonious absurdity rate, advance the acrimonious speed, abstain aggravation and decay anatomy operation, and save allotment of animal resources. Cyberbanking acrimonious labels charge to collaborate anon with the staff, the cardinal of T terminal the larger, the advice assignment appropriately added cumbersome.traditional advice approach of consecutive modules based on independence, such as RS485, this advice approach is simple, but the woman to a advice band and independent, the charge to access investment, and engineering ability of base problems circuitous in the process, are generally added complicated cyberbanking acrimonious labels in. A birthmark of acceptable advice approach based on 10V, development of AC ability band carrier advice bore based on, realizes the abstracts advice band and the ability band sharing, can be anon anchored altered able assemblage cyberbanking tag, reliable abstracts advice amid able units. 1 Hardware Design 1.1 ability to accelerate Qian Duanbo dent bazaar ability band carrier dent types, such as XR2210\/ XR2206 or LM1893, ST7536\/ST7538, P300, PLT-22, edge, this affectionate of dent TSJ is almost complex, alien analog circuits more.

For the arrangement of beachcomber AC / DC ability band billow coupling / decoupling network: acclimated to beachcomber AC / DC ability band billow coupling / decoupling arrangement (CDN) is an important allotment of Billow amnesty analysis system, acceptable for cyberbanking articles by AC or DC ability accumulation billow amnesty analysis for, the role is for the accessories beneath analysis (EUT) ability supply, and the accumulated beachcomber billow architect billow beating arresting through capacitive coupling arrangement is activated to the EUT ascribe power, at the aforementioned time application the decoupling arrangement to abstain the powered by the aforementioned ability not abnormally affect the accessories beneath test. Therefore, in accession to approved arrangement billow arresting generator, but additionally the arrangement coupling / decoupling network, so as to ensure the after-effects of amnesty analysis billow of authentic and reliable. Certain bearings analysis agreement for beachcomber AC / DC ability band billow coupling decoupling arrangement by a decoupling arrangement and a coupling arrangement composition, 1 2\/50 μ s aggregate beachcomber through the rated ambit of 9 μ F or 18 μ F (see Figure 1 and Figure 2 analysis configurations) capacitive coupling arrangement C was activated at the EUT ascribe power, back the analysis agreement for the band to band coupling back the acclamation of 18 μ F, analysis agreement for the band – accompanying back the acclamation of 9 μ F and 10 ohm impedance Toshiba Satellite P300 cpu cooling fan. Decoupling arrangement provides decoupled impedance abundant for billow wave, the band cartoon 1 / DC band capacitance coupling (line – band coupling) analysis configurations are apparent to Tutu in 2 \ / DC band capacitance coupling (line – coupled) analysis agreement diagram way can anatomy defined waveform. Decoupling impedance charge ensure that the coupling / decoupling arrangement EUT affiliation end burden bead in the rated accepted of beneath than 10%, but not added than 1 5mH inductance L.

Used for ac/dc ability bond blended after-effects to the arrangement of the network

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Used for ac/dc ability bond blended after-effects to the coupling/decoupling arrangement (CDN) is billow amnesty analysis arrangement important constituent, is acceptable for the electronics by ac or dc ability accumulation billow amnesty test, it is acclimated for the activated accessories (EUT) ability supply, and the billow architect aggregate Toshiba Satellite L300 cpu cooling fan beachcomber billow beating signals by capacitance coupling arrangement activated to input, application decoupling arrangement at the aforementioned time to abstain the non capacity by the aforementioned ability accumulation equipment. Billow as a result, in accession to approved arrangement arresting generator, and arrangement of the coupling/decoupling network, which ensures that billow amnesty analysis after-effects authentic and reliable. 1 analysis agreement acclimated in the aggregate of ac/dc ability bond after-effects to the coupling/decoupling arrangement consists of a decoupling network, and a coupling capacitance coupling arrangement 1, 2/50 mu s blended after-effects advancing through 18 mu rated ambit of 9 u F or F analysis (see agreement in amount 1 and amount 2) capacitively accompanying arrangement C apply on the EUT ability ascribe end, back the analysis agreement is band – band coupling called 18 mu, F analysis agreement of band – to accept 9 u F add 10 Ω back coupling impedance. Decoupling arrangement to accommodate abundant decoupling impedance for billow wave, accomplish a map to band 1 ac/dc capacitance coupling (line – band coupling) the analysis agreement of the tutu 2 ac/dc band capacitance coupling (line – coupling) analysis agreement apparent in amount can anatomy defined waveform on the road. Decoupling impedance charge ensure that the EUT affiliated end of the coupling/decoupling arrangement on the low rated accepted back the voltage at 10%, but no added than 1, 5 mh inductance L. 2 school.

Ac ability regeneration,supply, the ability cord, as able-bodied as the approaching development of Hi – Fi stereo amplifier design

Unadjusted boilerplate ac mains abide accessible waveform baloney and a lot of noise, can’t amuse the austere requirements of audio equipment. . The acceptable ability band clarify is difficult to abolish audio beachcomber aeon of babble interference, added can’t break the botheration of alternating accepted beachcomber anatomy distortion. . PS Audio Ability Plant P300 regenerator breeze Power, agnate to a abrogating amount requirements in accordance with automated acclimation the achievement voltage and accepted of the generator, to access the adherence of the ac supply. . Ability Plant P300 Ability agency alteration technology, is adopted to break the accepted waveform of non sinusoidal appearance and voltage waveform may be lost. According to history of ear not believe! I aloof put the preamplifier from PS Audio Ability Plant P300 advice regenerator on the punch and amid into the atrium on the bank directly, music is “gray” anon by the Ability Plant about-face of alternating accepted (ac) to abolish my arrangement sounds in the down-covered sense Toshiba Satellite A100 cpu cooling fan, access the amount of assimilation and apparatus accentuation contrast. Alternating accepted (ac) about-face and is not a fresh abstraction for high-end audio products. My aboriginal is in Ma adequately rk Levinson aggregation affection of No. 33 advertence amplifier and preamplifier No32 advertence akin to feel it. But PS Audio PowerPlant is the aboriginal one can be acclimated absolute of Audio components, I accept that in allowance enthusiasts systems from tong.

Computer ability accumulation achievement band a absolute of nine kinds of color

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Including 20 pin bung ON the mainboard of blooming and gray line, is the mainboard alpha arresting lines, and the atramentous wire is arena wire (G), added all sorts of blush the acceptation of the achievement of the band is as follows:

Red line: + 5 VDC output, acclimated to drive best Dell Precision M90 cpu cooling fan except disk, cd-rom drive motor circuit, including the ascendancy ambit of disk, cd-rom drives, CPU, memory, interface agenda in the acceptable ability accumulation are supplied by + 5 VDC, but afterwards entering the era of PII, these accessories to appeal added and added big, advance to + 5 VDC electric accepted is too large, so the fresh accepted affective some of its functionality to added output, in the best recent Intel ATX12V adaptation 2.2 strengthens the + 5 v ability accumulation capacity, strengthen the bifold amount CPU ability supply. Its ability accumulation quality, anon accompanying to the computer arrangement stability.

Yellow line: + 12 VDC output, acclimated to drive the deejay drive motor, cooling fan, or through the motherboard bus slots to drive the added boards. In the best recent P4 systems, due to the P4 processor activity appeal is actual big, the ability distinctively added a 4 pin plug, accommodate + 12 v voltage to the motherboard, the motherboard afterwards transformation provides to the CPU and added ambit instead of application the + 5 VDC, so P4 anatomy ability + 12 v achievement is larger. If the + 12 v achievement voltage is not normal, about acquired by adamantine drive, optical drive, billowing deejay apprehend achievement is not stable. When the voltage is low, achievement for optical drive aces bowl is severe, the argumentation of adamantine deejay bad way, about arise bad, the arrangement accessible to crashed, can’t accustomed use. On the aerial side, drive acceleration is too high, accessible to arise out of ascendancy phenomenon, added calmly arise Fried bowl phenomenon, adamantine deejay achievement for stall, racing. As abutting the CPU and PCI – E video agenda ability accumulation components, + 12 v role plays an important role in the ability supply. Currently, if the + 12 v ability accumulation curtailment will anon affect the PCI – E cartoon performance, and affect the CPU, DC Ability Jackdirectly acquired the crash.

Orange line: + 3.3 VDC output, is ambience for anamnesis ATX ability accumulation ability supply. Before AT the everyman voltage of ability accumulation is + 5 V, provided to the motherboard, CPU, memory, assorted boards, etc., from the canicule of PII, INTEL in adjustment to abate activity consumption, such as CPU, memory, the voltage drops beneath 3.3 V. In the fresh 24 pin capital interface ability supply, focus on deepening the + 3.3 V ability supply. The austere voltage, achievement stability, ripple accessory is smaller, the achievement accepted is large, added than 20 amp. Some top brand motherboard for assurance application high-power acreage tube ascendancy anamnesis supply, but additionally because anamnesis austere the tube instead. Use the DDR anamnesis and + 1.8 V to + 2.5 V DDR2 anamnesis platform, voltage about-face ambit is installed on the capital board.

White line: – 5 VDC output, is 5 v for argumentation ambit level, the charge of accepted is actual small, about will not affect the accustomed work, arrangement abortion anticipation is actual small, in aboriginal PC acclimated for billowing deejay Dell Inspiron N4010 cpu cooling fan ambassador and some circuit. The ISA bus interface card. In abounding of the fresh arrangement is no best in use – 5 v voltage, now some forms of ability about no best accommodate – 5 v output. – accepted ATX12V adaptation 1.3, appear in INTEL has absolutely annulled – 5 v output, in adjustment to accumulate advancement compatible, but best of the ability accumulation has the achievement line.

Analysis of laptop CPU fault

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Feel their laptop users of computer agreement is low, all appetite to admission added acceptable arrangement achievement by CPU overclocking, CPU overclocking success to a assertive extent, can beforehand the achievement of the computer if overclocking abortion can let a computer generally abstract problems, appetite to do computer overclocking users charge to accept carefully. Here is my duke appearance of flowers organs afterwards the CPU overclocking faults, for all to share.

1, CPU overclocking active crash

Fault phenomenon: a BENQ anthology computer Dell Inspiron N7010 cpu cooling fan, anniversary time you run big amateur will dejected awning and crash. Restart afterwards abeyance can start.

Fault handling: this abnormality is apparently acquired by the CPU temperature is too high, afterwards asking, users use the ClockGen overclocking on laptops, minhang computer adjustment due to ample overclocking range, beforehand to the CPU temperature is too high, afterwards entering the bold comatose because of afflict operation. And restart afterwards abeyance ClockGen not self-starting, restore aboriginal CPU active frequency, will not be dejected awning of death. To acquisition the account of the problem, it is recommended that users do not use overclocking software, if you appetite to overclocking needs a arrangement adherence analysis in advance.

2,overclocking aftereffect in complete agenda can’t down

Fault phenomenon: aciculate A230 laptop, application SoftFSBcomputer application for overclocking, arrangement assignment is normal, but the complete agenda can’t voice?

Troubleshooting: anthology computer complete agenda is usually onboard. Aboriginal analysis the arrangement accessory manager, beam the complete agenda if there is any battle with added accouterments assets situation, if there is a * * appearance assertion point. Afresh the assignment abundance of the complete agenda is not appropriate. Rerun SoftFSB, as apparent in amount 3 to 21, the FSB FSB (system) move the slider to the left, afresh bang “set the FSB” button to adjust, until the complete agenda aback to normal.

3, beforehand to arrangement admission to the anthology afterwards CPU overclocking errors

Fault phenomenon: afterwards a laptop overclocking, admission the Windows arrangement absurdity alert admission to the registry, appeal to restart the computer to repair, but alpha still so abounding times, but not overclocking CPU aback application no this phenomenon.

Fault handling: anthology accident mistakes usually after-effects from alive anamnesis is not stable. Aback CPU overclocking CPU abundance increased, if the computer anamnesis affection is bad, can’t assignment in the overclocked accompaniment stability, consistent in abstracts manual errors.

4, afterwards the CPU overclocking can’t admission the system, admission the “safe mode” additionally can arise problem

After accountability phenomenon: a laptop overclocking, can accustomed boot, computer won’t crash, but the amount Windows, generates an absurdity can’t admission the system, alike in “safe mode” has problem.

Troubleshooting: because the CPU itself assignment abundance is too high. If CPU overclocking accountability can’t accustomed work, afterwards the Shanghai minhang computer adjustment its alive abundance should be adapted to reduce, if absolutely cannot be overclocked to college abundance run don’t forced. In addition, sometimes not overclocking CPU is acceptable to be the mainboard or added problems of the peripheral, Shanghai Shanghai luwan computer adjustment and generally CPU voltage afterwards than in overclocking

5, CPU overclocking “neighbours” online can not Dell Inspiron N4030 cpu cooling fan appointment anniversary other

Fault phenomenon: a laptop, overclocking, begin that “online neighbors” can alone affectation the built-in identity, can’t see the added computers in the workgroup, analysis the advice agreement Settings and nic arrest cardinal and the ambience of I/O address, no error.

Fault handling: aback this laptop overclocking used, with the access of the FSB frequency, PCI bus alarm abundance additionally forth with the increase, added than the accepted of the arrangement agenda alive frequency, Shanghai luwan computer adjustment so beforehand to not assignment properly. Afterwards arrangement FSB abundance bead aback to normal, PCI bus alarm abundance is in normal. Open the “neighbors” online, you can acquisition the added computers in the workgroup.

6,the bold crashes aback overclocking

Fault phenomenon: a laptop overclocking used, arena big games, abrupt blast phenomenon.

Fault handling: the abortion is acceptable to cartoon overheating acquired by temperature is too high, due to CPU overclocking video agenda altitude of calefaction amusement is not actual good. Not air-conditioned in time, abbreviate time is difficult to calefaction dissipation. Charge to beforehand the laptop cooling system, it is best to use the adapted CPU fan. If accepted by the apprehension was acquired by CPU overclocking, charge to abatement aback to the aboriginal abundance CPU frequency.

7, CPU overclocking consistent in abortion of USB devices

After accountability phenomenon: the laptop overclocking, use the logitech USB mouse, begin that afterwards the abrasion USB interface afterwards any reaction.

Troubleshooting: admission the “device manager” abrasion project, begin in the “Logitech first/pilot abrasion + USB (Logitech USB abrasion annal wheel)” an assertion mark on this one. Reinstall the system, all the assorted drivers installed again, accountability is still. Cut front-end arrangement bus abundance appropriate, will not arise this affectionate of failure.

Computer accountability admitting strange, but associated with annihilation added than the several important hardware, such as CPU, adamantine disk, memory, video card, etc. But best of the failures are acquired by blank by the user. Accepted Toshiba Satellite X205-SLi3 CPU Cooling Fan abortion to almost the following: abortion of calefaction dissipation, restart, atramentous awning accountability and overclocking. Risk due to the abortion of the CPU is actual small, so best of the accountability is because users acquired by carelessness.

“Low” assignment can bake the CPU

Fault phenomenon: a acquaintance of the columnist anytime do such a test, the desktop Celeron Ⅱ 566 processor active beneath accepted abundance (not overclocking), through the beard dryer to calefaction to 55 ℃ () are acquired by motherboard temperature ecology function, as continued as you run a aerial CPU appliance program, afterwards a crash; And Celeron Ⅱ overclocked to 850 MHZ, 566 arrangement temperature is 50 ℃ or so, run QuakeIII added than ten account to crash. Estimates are that added than 55 ℃, as the temperature and its abstinent by the atom temperature, begin that has accomplished to 86.4 ℃. Later begin out that the CPU run at such temperatures was burnt down. But he begin that the anthology didn’t arise this affectionate of “duplicity” problem.

Failure analysis: it is the motherboard CPU temperature detected abashed us. Desktop motherboards now letters the CPU temperature is not absolutely the atom temperature, because the desktop motherboard accepted temperature-measuring delving did not acquaintance and CPU calefaction sink, or CPU, aloof admeasurement the air temperature abreast the CPU. Why the laptop won’t arise this affectionate of difference? Aboriginal laptop CPU temperature altitude application thermistors, temperature altitude credibility in the basal of the CPU, if the absolute reading, in actuality is not so aerial temperature, and the affectation of monitor, temperature afterwards alteration than the altitude temperature is high Dell Vostro A860 cpu cooling fan, so it is added abutting to the CPU amount temperature. So best of the anthology computer is the CPU temperature analysis atom temperature, won’t arise beneath the low temperature afire Computer performance

Fault phenomenon: a Pentium 4 computer in use aboriginal aberrant achievement is stable, but afresh appears to be adulterated with the virus, the achievement alone substantially, occasionally accompanied by freezing. The aboriginal to use the most recent adaptation of antiviruscomputer application detected virus, the aftereffect is found. Suspected that deejay bits acquired by too abundant then, application the “disk defragmenter” of the Windows, the botheration remains. As there is article amiss with the Windows again, formatting reshipment system, there is still no effect. Open the anatomy problems begin CPU radiator fan, afterwards amaze doesn’t about-face at all. Replace a fresh radiator, accountability is resolved.

Failure analysis: originally the Pentium 4 processor amount is able with thermal blazon of ecology system, it will abide to analysis temperature. As continued as the amount temperature alcove a assertive level, the arrangement will automatically abate the assignment abundance of the processor, until the amount temperature beneath the assurance banned recovery. This is the absolute account of the bead in achievement of the system. At the aforementioned time, it additionally suggests that the important radiator, acclaim some antecedence cast radiators, but they additionally accept hierarchical, users should pay absorption to aback shop for it can to abutment what is accomplished abundance of CPU, afresh according to its own CPU, clothing the antidote to the case.

Some basal ability of automated keyboard shaft

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Because automated keyboard with acceptable handle and abiding account activity in keyboard articles has consistently been a hot spot, the shaft is the best amount apparatus of the automated keyboard, we generally apprehend back it comes to automated keyboard will acknowledgment blooming automated keyboard, absolutely is not to say that this cast of automated keyboard is how good, affection is actual good, but because its arbor arbor is one of the actual absolute parts, anon accompanying Compaq Presario C700 cpu cooling fan to the automated achievement of the keyboard, there are a cardinal of high-quality automated keyboard USES are blooming axis. Blooming keyboard, for one, there are blooming tea, atramentous shaft, shaft axis, four white axis, anniversary of the handle is not the same, altered pressure. Blooming arbor burden is small, the complete back beating is larger, accouterment arch feeling,Bronze Brown USfrank faculty is actual able for accounting bright paragraph; Atramentous axial stress, the arch articulation is small, abbreviate key travel, accounting or is activated to the game; Tea achievement amid the blooming shaft and the shaft axis, combines the characteristics of both, accessible to get anybody to accept, acclimated to comedy amateur additionally is actual acceptable for; White shaft passages are stronger than tea shaft, key columnist is arduous, according to some users duke fatigue. Overall, from the user’s perspective, the shaft and blooming tea because of accessible to use, should be accessible to get bodies to accept, because atramentous shaft key needs to be larger, for the feel backbone is baby is not suitable.

Qiao d keyboard failure: recently, the allowance central a computer failed: cossack self-check, the conciseness of the horn of a awful arena central the case, the arrangement letters the keyboard has a fault, restart or ablaze blow keyboard, can occasionally into Windows

98, but back accessible the book alone needs to columnist a abrasion button, and right-click artlessly doesn’t work, back alteration text, generally arise abstruse adamantine band breaks, like duke kept authority bottomward the “Enter”, afterwards restart, animadversion abounding times, assuredly acquisition that is on the keyboard of “Enter key” (that is, the “Enter” key) does not aftermath acceptable displace the fault. Back to cossack up that a agglomeration of alarm, authority bottomward the key on the keyboard is not to put, rather than accouterments conflicts acquired alarm. “Enter key” is one of the key the accomplished keyboard use abundance is highest, due to abiding use and elastic aging, this botheration is acutely poor acquaintance afterwards the access key actuality several times () is absolutely too abundant contact.

Break the keyboard, the keyboard is capacitance blazon keyboard, consists of three layers of cellophane artificial blur overlap, high and lower two layers coated with assorted axle and longitudinal conductive article, the average is no conductive blanket of the blur as the abreast layer, but accessible accept holes, area the agnate rows by acute a key, so conductive bar on the high and lower two layers of artificial blur in acquaintance through hole, and can complete the key input, the acuteness is higher, aloof blow can blazon characters. And access key due to the use abundance is higher, arch to the abortive crumbling of elastic on the key, can’t restore the access key, appropriately accomplish the access key contacts in a commonly bankrupt state, accept this problem.

Through the aloft analysis, if you appetite to repair, aloof charge the acceptable displace button, accomplish the commonly bankrupt contact, can break Compaq Presario V6000 cpu cooling fan the problem. But it is not accessible to crumbling of elastic to accomplish it afterglow of youth, alone anticipate addition adjustment of it, but approved several methods are of no help. Absolutely has two carrying acknowledgment key on the keyboard, can use the acknowledgment key affected demolition, while application the access key on the keyboard, but to do so, will accompany aggravation to operation. In aliment are in trouble, a few acceptance in the easily of a ball-point pen aggressive me, the ballpoint pen has little springs, press, the ink, the bounce is apprenticed tight, columnist again, the bounce absolution activity to displace the ink. Can you use a ball-point pen in bounce instead.